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About Mika

Arising from Abu Dhabi’s epicurean renaissance scene. Introducing Mika; the finest Mediterranean restaurant in Abu Dhabi.

This culinary sanctuary beautifully blends Middle Eastern influences with its Mediterranean heritage through the lens of Yas Marina. At Mika, the unique symphony of these two cultures, accompanied with seasonal cocktails and hand selected wines evoke the essence of “ la dolce vIta” the good life

Unique Blend of Mediterranean Cuisine seen through a Middle Eastern lens

Mika stands out with its innovative approach to blending Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours, creating a distinct culinary experience for its guests. We invite you on an exquisite culinary voyage in the heart of Abu Dhabi to enjoy the artistry of modern Mediterranean fine dining.

This fusion of culinary traditions sets Mika apart from other restaurants in the vicinity.
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Affordable Fine Dining Experience

Mika offers inventive, award-winning cuisine at accessible prices, making it a standout choice among the dining options in the area.

By combining high-quality ingredients, expert culinary techniques, and reasonable pricing, Mika appeals to a broad customer base, including the expat community, local residents, and tourists.

Chef Mario Loi’s, unparalleled expertise and innovative techniques have crowned him a master of the Mediterranean culinary arts. His cooking techniques bring traditional essence with flavours that resonate with both the heart and palate.

Open Kitchen Concept and Zero-Waste Policy

Mika’s open kitchen allows guests to witness the imaginative and unique dishes being prepared in full view, adding an interactive element to the dining experience.

Additionally, Mika’s commitment to a zero-waste policy not only promotes responsible practices but also helps minimise food costs.