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Welcome to Abu Dhabi’s modern Mediterranean culinary dining experience, where the essence of every dish is beautifully captured. Mika Restaurant in Yas Island brings an exclusive and carefully curated seasonal menu for you. We invite you to experience the exquisite flavours that inspire and delight in luxury dining by combining affordability. We are not only a destination for food enthusiasts but also a haven for cocktail lovers, offering an elegant array of crafted beverages at one of the finest cocktail bars in Abu Dhabi.

We are passionate about sourcing fresh ingredients, combining with traditional flavors and continually evolving our menu to create a dining experience that is truly unique.

Mika’s menu offers a diverse selection, ranging from snacks, raw items, and small plates to larger dishes and desserts, all crafted with a refreshing seasonal menu and rich culinary traditions of the Mediterranean and Middle East. Notably, we prioritise ethically sourced ingredients, minimise waste, and maintain affordability as core values.

Seasonally Curated Menus – A Gastronomic Journey
Mika’s seasonal menu features carefully chosen ingredients, ensuring an exceptional culinary experience. With each visit, our patrons are treated to an evolving selection that reflects the freshest produce and the innovative spirit of our chefs. Our menu is a tribute to the art of fine cuisine, offering a diverse array of choices that cater to the sophisticated tastes of our audience.

Mika, the seasonal menu restaurant in Abu Dhabi, showcases the freshest ingredients, expertly combined to create flavours that celebrate the region and the season. Sourcing locally when possible, our chefs are committed to delivering a dining experience that is both delightfully surprising and comfortably familiar.

Signature Cocktails and Mocktails restaurant in Abu Dhabi – Art in a Glass
Mika offers wine and signature drinks made with ingredients that elevate your dining experience with our exquisitely crafted cocktail in Abu Dhabi. where each creation is a symphony of flavours artfully presented. For those seeking non-alcoholic delights, our mocktails are mixed to perfection, offering an array of refreshing and intricate options.

Perfect Pairings – An Ode to the Connoisseur

We allow our knowledgeable staff to guide you through perfect pairings, enhancing your dining pleasure with a selection of world-class wines and beverages chosen to complement your meal to perfection.
Reserve Your Table – A Commitment to Excellence
What You Can Expect from Mika

Seasonal menus reflecting the finest local and international cuisine Expertly crafted cocktails and a diverse selection of mocktails Situated in the heart of Yas Island, a prime dining location Elegant ambience that reflects the locale’s vibrant spirit

As Yas Island’s premier destination for discerning gourmets, we believe in transcending the ordinary. Don’t miss our Sunday breakfast sessions, river brunch, and business lunch. Secure your reservation with us for an unforgettable evening that promises to be as impressive as the serene views of Yas Marina. Book your table now:

Join us and explore a world where culinary expertise meets the pinnacle of dining elegance. Explore our menu and reserve your table to experience one of the most coveted restaurants in Yas Island and beyond.