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The Art of Fine Dining in the Heart of Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a city renowned for its opulence and heritage, and the pursuit of culinary excellence is an integral part of the Abu Dhabi experience. Mika, a fine dining restaurant in the heart of Yas Island, offers a blend of Mediterranean splendour and modern magnificence. At Mika, where the culinary sanctuary beautifully blends Middle Eastern influences with its Mediterranean heritage, you can find that every meal is a symphony of culinary artistry.

Understanding Fine Dining

What can we expect from ‘fine dining’? A myriad of expressions are invoked, from exquisitely plated dishes that resemble a canvas of colours and textures to a refined ambience that enhances the mere act of eating into an experience. Fine dining has been associated with luxury. The essence lies in the meticulous attention paid to detailing each dish, the use of high-quality ingredients, and the skill of the chefs who curate every aspect of the dining journey.

Abu Dhabi isn’t just a city; it’s a lifestyle with different cultures. Fine dining here transcends a meal; it’s an entire sensory experience that blends the rich history of the region with global trends. Mika’s approach to fine dining is unmistakably unique in this cultural variety.

Mika offers a fine dining experience at the ultimate outdoor waterfront marina view restaurant, Yas Island. We always ensure a rich ethos of culinary finesse in our everyday dishes. We are committed to transforming the fine dining experience by blending luxury with affordability. The sophisticated design of the dining space gives more essence to fine dining in Abu Dhabi.

Fine dining restaurants in Abu Dhabi
What to Expect at Mika

What sets Mika apart from the flurry of fine dining options in Abu Dhabi? It starts with a commitment to excellence and a passion for culinary innovation. At Mika, the creative process behind each dish is an artist’s approach that is deliberate, inspired, and unique. The culinary team at Mika is led by renowned chef “Mario Loi,” who brings a wealth of experience and a flair for the unexpected, creating dishes that surprise and delight the senses.

Mika is more than just a culinary oasis in the desert city; it is a celebration of the senses set against the stunning backdrop of the marina view of Yas Island. Diners can expect a seasonal menu that harmonises the traditional flavours of modern Mediterranean cuisine with innovative cooking techniques.

Mika isn’t just about dining; it extends to the whole culinary journey, with the ambience of the Yas island view providing the perfect setting for any occasion. What distinguishes Mika is its commitment to service; every guest is treated to a warm ambience with a stunning outdoor view. We host events, business lunches, and sunset sessions at Angel Hour.

The Menu

Mika’s seasonal menu ensures the highest quality and flavour in every dish. Whether you’re a fan of traditional Arabic flavours with a modern twist or inclined towards international cuisine, Mika promises to tantalize your taste buds with a delightful culinary journey. Taking inspiration from the diverse culinary heritage of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions, Mika’s menu has carefully curated options that will intrigue even the most discerning diners. 

Our signature dishes offer a dynamic culinary experience that captivates even the most discerning diners. They are the result of tireless experimentation and a relentless pursuit of perfection. Look out for dishes that incorporate local ingredients in innovative ways, as well as those that pay homage to global culinary techniques.


A fine dining experience is incomplete without the perfect beverage accompaniment. Mika’s cocktails and mocktails are handcrafted and infused with local flavours. Enjoying the sensation of carefully curated wines from our extensive selection is as remarkable an experience as indulging in our cuisine.

Affordable fine dining restaurant in Abu Dhabi
The Essence of Mika

We are dedicated to reshaping the landscape of fine dining by combining luxury with affordability. Mika, with its fusion of delicate flavours and innovative presentation, elevates the dining experience to culinary excellence unmatched by any other. Experience an unforgettable journey through taste and texture. The commitment to creating unique, memorable experiences for each guest is palpable. Every aspect of Mika, from the first greeting to the final goodnight, is designed to leave an indelible impression.

Chef Mario Loi Abu Dhabi
Meet our Chef

Mika is led by Chef-Patron Mario Loi, who brings a wealth of experience and recognition from over a decade of working in the region’s culinary industry. Chef Mario Loi decided to launch his own restaurant after twenty years of working as a chef because he had a strong enthusiasm for creative cooking and wanted to provide a distinctive eating experience. Chef-Patron Mario Loi’s zero-waste policy underscores the team’s dedication to responsible dining.

The Roadmap to Mika

For those seeking an unforgettable dining experience in Abu Dhabi, Mika epitomises the next level of sophistication in Abu Dhabi’s culinary landscape. Mika is not just an eatery but an essential destination for anyone craving a taste of luxury in the Emirate. Mika’s outdoor dining area, which boasts a panoramic marina view restaurant, is particularly enchanting as it provides the perfect vantage point to witness the sunset.

Reserving Your Place at Mika

Mika, reservations are recommended to ensure your fine dining experience. Whether booking a coveted table for two by the window or planning an exclusive event, the team at Mika is dedicated to ensuring each visit is tailored to the guest’s desires. We have options ranging from the à la carte menu, offering a diverse selection of delectable treats, to the seasonal tasting menus, where each course is thoughtfully crafted and the presentation rivals the taste.

Explore Mika: Abu Dhabi’s Fine Dining Destination

Mika is the evolution of Abu Dhabi’s culinary scene, where the consummate art of fine dining is not just a gesture of luxury but an everyday affair. It is a beacon, illuminating the city’s commitment to creating exceptional dining experiences uniting tradition, innovation, and taste. For those who seek indulgence and a haven in which to enjoy the city’s vibrant pulse, Mika is an untethered voyage where every forkful charts a course through the very essence of the city’s charm and allure.